LG Invents 4K Audio With Weird Maths

By Gary Cutlack on at

Everything-maker LG has announced the usual mass of exciting new things at CES 2017, with one of the oddest being a new soundbar for home cinema fans that boasts 4K... audio. A new high resolution format for your ears.

What it's done to get the modern 4K branding into its LG SJ9 and SJ8 TV soundbars is to multiply a few numbers together and stick it on the box. LG's notes explain that the 4K figure is arrived at by multiplying the 24-bit resolution by the 96kHz frequency, then, because that only works out at 2,304, multiplying it all by two again because there are two channels of it so it gets to 4,608 -- and can therefore be called 4K Sound by LG's team.

LG explains this baffling innovation with: "The LG SJ9 is also equipped with 4K Sound, (Hi Resolution Audio) compatible with high quality lossless audio files to recreate the sound recorded in the original studio. In addition, the SJ9’s Sound Upconverting feature increases the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track. The SJ9 supports 4K Pass-Through to deliver pristine sound without compromising image quality, ensuring a perfectly synchronised audio and video experience."

And they do Dolby Atmos and are long and thin.

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