London's New Chicken2Me App Claims To Be 'Uber For Fried Chicken'

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you're in the mood for fried chicken (and we're always in the mood for fried chicken), London's new food finding app might be right in your roost. Chicken2Me, currently an iOS exclusive but coming to Android "soon," maps out all the chicken shops in the capital with ratings and info.

The app claims to be "the world's first chicken shop app" (false) and also describes itself as "Uber for the hungry" (that'd be UberEats). It's also missing quite a key component of the Uber experience, namely the part where they bring the service to you. Chicken2Me does not bring you chicken. It just tells you where to go to find it. This makes it less Uber for chicken and more - well, Google Maps for chicken.

Chicken2Me is Nuwave Limited's first app on the AppStore, which is not entirely surprising given that everyone involved in the company was born in 1993. More surprising is the semi-academic stream-of-consciousness walls of text on the app's website, which describe what is quite literally a map of chicken shops in terms previously reserved for political calls to arms.

There's no question that chicken shops carry a special significance in the UK, they represent a part of every day life for the common man, for some their practicality and cheap food offers comfort in hard times, for others comfort in drunk times; many now are simply drawn in by pure novelty.

As the cuisine further embeds itself into our cultural fabric, and seeks to innovate and morph itself to reach British stomachs in new and inventive ways, it is time for the industry to digitise.


Presumably, the team behind the app is already scrambling for endorsement from YouTube sensation The Chicken Connoisseur, who tours London looking for the "pengest munch." This app could help him stay abreast of the latest chicken news - and wouldn't that be a coop? [Chicken2Me]

Photo: Nuwave Limited