Nissan to Demo Self-Driving Cars in the UK Next Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nissan has said it's bringing some self-driving cars to London next month to take part in the first EU trials of its technology, as a series of "on-road demonstrations" set out to prove that you can trust a car to do the steering all by itself even on the hellish roads of the capital.

A modified version of its all-electric LEAF will be doing the driving, using a system that allows for "single lane autonomous driving on motorways" – Nissan's version of Tesla's Autopilot that's more like a posh cruise control for straight bits than something capable of navigating our beloved roundabouts. The tool will appear in upcoming Nissan Qashqai models and the new Nissan LEAF that's set to arrive this year, with passengers and government officials being taken out for complimentary trips to ramp up excitement.

The UK's Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark went to Nissan's technical centre in Cranfield to have a sneak preview of the system, where he said: "We want to see centres, like Nissan's here in Cranfield, continue to develop, making us a world leader in the development and testing of auto technology so we can anchor the next generation of vehicle manufacturing and its supply chain here in the UK." [Nissan]

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