Now's Your Last Chance to See Dippy in Hintze Hall

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Dippy the diplodocus (real name unknown) is set to be torn to bits really carefully by a team of experts tomorrow, ahead of the 292-bone, fake dead dinosaur’s 2018 UK tour.

The much-loved, 84ft-long plaster-cast sauropod, which has stood inside the London Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall since 1979, is set to be replaced by an 83ft-long blue whale skeleton. A real one.

The dismantling process will take place over a three and a half week period, and Dippy will be hidden from view by a protective tunnel for much of it. It’ll then plod around the country on a tour of UK museums, stopping off at:

  • Dorset County Museum between February and May 2018
  • Birmingham Museum from mid-2018
  • Ulster Museum from September 2018
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, between January and May 2019
  • Great North Museum, Newcastle, between May and October 2019
  • The National Assembly of Wales
  • Number One Riverside, Rochdale, between February and June 2020
  • Norwich Cathedral between July and October 2020

When it returns to the London Natural History Museum, Dippy will be re-cast in bronze and forced to stand outside until humans go extinct. [BBC]