Our First Look at the Neon Noir World of Duncan Jones' New Movie Mute

By James Whitbrook on at

And if you think the Blade Runner-esque neon aesthetic is great, wait till you get a load of Paul Rudd’s moustache.

Entertainment Weekly has released a trio of new images from Duncan Jones’ Mute, the scifi passion project Jones has been trying to get made for years. Set in the Berlin of 2052, the movie—which apparently has ties to Jones’ previous scifi film Moon—follows Alexander Skarsgård’s Leo, the titular mute bartender who takes to the neon-soaked streets of the city to hunt for his missing girlfriend. There, he finds his only clue is two American surgeons. One is played by Justin Theroux, wearing a questionable wig:

And the other is payed by Paul Rudd, wearing a unquestionably majestic mustache:

That’s some choice facial hair, right there. Mute is set to hit Netflix sometime later in 2017.