Oxfam's New App Tells You Where Your Donation Really Goes

By Holly Brockwell on at

Poverty-tackling UK charity Oxfam has launched a new app to help supporters understand where their money's going, and presumably to reassure them that it's not all being spent on execs' salaries. Given that the Guardian reports trust in charities fell last year to the lowest level since records began, that's probably not a bad idea.

Called My Oxfam, the app aims to keep supporters informed about what the charity's up to, offering "real-life stories, live updates on emergencies and video messages from Oxfam staff on the ground [to] allow donors to experience the impact of their support like never before." However, as some reviews already lament, a key component of the app also seems to be to persuade users to part with more cash.

Jason Lucchesi, reviewing the Android app, notes that "The content seems to have regular updates, but has an overall intention to drive donations. I would rather the app kept me in the loop of the Oxfam work and drives passion [sic] for the cause."

Conversely, fellow Android reviewer Jessmoore3005 raves: "I didn't know my life was incomplete until I got this app and now I realise how empty and hollow it was. If my house was on fire, I'd rescue this app over my loved ones."

That's some strong praise right there.

In addition to real-time emergency updates, "'selfie' style videos from staff on the ground" (sigh) and donation management, the app includes a portal to the charity's online shop and can even tell you when that natty Hawaiian shirt you donated has been sold at your local branch.

My Oxfam is free and available now on iOS and Android. [Oxfam via The Guardian]