OXO and Bisto in Brexit Fiasco

By Gary Cutlack on at

Graphs about pounds and euros are about to mean something in the real world for once -- the price of a selection of the bravest British foodstuffs is about to increase, thanks to food conglomerate Premier Foods lifting the prices on many of its most popular brands because of the turmoil created by the b-word.

Items like Bisto, the refreshing hot drink for the elderly, and its enemy OXO, plus Mr Kipling cakes are all set to see their prices rise in supermarkets across the country, because that graph about pounds that points down means, somehow, that Premier Foods has/wants to charge us all more.

A spokesperson for the company said: "The situation on pricing differs between our different categories and brands and is currently under discussion with our individual retail customers. However, on average we are considering rises around the mid single-digit mark."

Portion sizes may shrink and some promotions may end too. We need to get back to making our own gravy and cakes. That'll make Britain great again. Get a Britannia costume in Mary Berry's size. [Guardian]

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