Pokemon Go Could Help the Kids Live Longer

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report into the after effects of the July 2016 Pokemon Go tsunami claims it's good for the children it doesn't completely kill, with the number of steps taken by players tracking the latest virtual fluffballs possibly helping to increase the lifespan of the future generation. As long as they don't all dump it for something more sedentary this year.

The stats come from a paper titled Influence of Pokemon Go on Physical Activity [PDF], which found that users it describes as being "highly engaged" were nearly three times as likely to hit the official minimum level of activity guidelines of the US in the first month after first picking the game up. It says that this could "have the potential to measurably affect US life expectancy" were it to continue, which must be one of the best pieces of news video games has seen for years.

The paper expands on its ideas with: "Based on our findings, we estimate that the game has already added an estimated 144 billion steps to US physical activity. If engagement with Pokemon Go could be sustained over the lifetime of its many users, we estimate that the game would add an estimated 2.825 million years of additional lifetime to its US users." [Influence of Pokemon Go on Physical Activity [PDF] via Nintendo Life]

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