Polaroid's Tragic CES Booth Is What Happens When a Brand Dies

By Christina Warren on at

Polaroid’s CES booth might be the saddest thing I’ve seen all show. It’s not your typical “sad” CES booth — it’s huge and filled to the gills with products — but the contents inside show what happens when a brand collapses into itself.

Polaroid has licensed its name to all kinds of crap for years, but walking through the booth — which was breathlessly celebrating “80 years of Polaroid” — it seemed worse than ever.

Every cheap generic gadget you could imagine was on full display, all with the Polaroid logo. 3D printer? Check. Drone? Amazingly, yes. 2-in-1 Android tablet running last year’s software? Yup. Shitty Android smartphone? You got it.

All the crap at Polaroid’s CES booth

And the Polaroid booth isn’t just full of Polaroid-branded crap. Other dead brands, like Sharper Image came along for the ride too. Look at this Sharper Image VR headset and weep for a time when it was the coolest place in the mall, selling the gadgets of our dreams.

Sharper Image now has terrible-looking VR helmets


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