Pubs Are Out and Coffee Shops Are In, According to New High Street Data

By James O Malley on at

The number of pubs, bars and nightclubs in Britain has fallen by almost 2000 in the last five years - while at the same time the number of coffee shops, restaurants and fast food outlets have increased by 6000, according to new data. So put down your pint and get ready to listen to breathy acoustic covers of pop songs while you get caffeinated instead.

According to an extensive report prepared by the Local Data Company for the BBC, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales were the biggest growth area for these "leisure businesses" over the 2011-16 period - whereas curiously, the number in London fell by 0.3%. (We're guessing it is something to do with London's outrageous property market).

The study also looked at what sort of establishments are disappearing from Britain's high streets. Apparently booking agents, comedy clubs, disco equipment hire shops, snooker halls and fast food delivery places all fell by over 30% over the same period (perhaps the latter is something to do with the rise of Deliveroo, which would count restaurants as restaurants rather than takeaway outlets?).

The biggest falls though were from brasseries, sandwich delivery services, kosher restaurants, go-karting, and... completely unsurprisingly, internet cafes. So bad luck if you're a fan of logging into your emails on wildly insecure old Windows machines.

You can read the full thing on the BBC website, and it's absolutely fascinating. [BBC]