Samsung Won't Launch The Galaxy S8 At MWC This Year

By Holly Brockwell on at

After the long and hand-wringing investigation into why Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire, Samsung announced last night that its next phone, likely to be called the Galaxy S8, will not be launching at Mobile World Congress in February.

Traditionally, Samsung's hotly-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event happens the day before the convention in Barcelona officially opens, on the 26th of February. This year, there are already launches in the diary on that day from Huawei and LG, and Reuters reports that Samsung has now confirmed that it will not be joining them. Previous rumours have suggested the launch could be much later, in April.

It's not surprising that the South Korean electronics giant is choosing to take its time with the next handset. After the PR disaster around the Note 7 recall, which turned out to be due to a twofold battery issue, the next phone is make-or-break for Samsung's reputation as Android's answer to Apple. The company gave no indication during last night's livestream as to when we might see the new phone, only that as many people suspected, Samsung will be taking a different approach this time. Fingers crossed for something a little less explosive than last year. [Reuters]

Photo: The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 at MWC in 2016