Samsung's New Washer Lets You Drop Two Loads at Once

By Alex Cranz on at

The worst part of doing laundry isn’t the folding or the sorting or the inevitable ironing because you piled it all on that one chair in your bedroom instead of hanging it in your closet. It’s the time spent doing load after load of laundry. Samsung wants to change that with a new system that would let you do two loads of laundry at once.

Dubbed FlexWash and FlexDry, the systems are tiny washers and dryers built on top of more traditional front-loading washers and dryers that Samsung makes. FlexWash is really just a minuscule 1 cubic foot washing machine on top of the larger washer (up to 5 cubic feet). One cubic foot is not a lot of size in practice, but it would be useful for people who can never seem to keep their favourite pair of jeans clean, and for the parent of anyone under the age of five.

It uses the same water line as the larger washing machine so there’s no additional plumbing required — which means you can install it as easily as a traditional washer. Just screw it into the spout and go. Yet despite using the same water line it’s not tied to the larger washer. So you can just use either the little or large machine whenever you want.

The FlexDry system appearing in Samsung’s newest dryers isn’t quite as exciting. Like the FlexWash it gives you an additional 1 cubic foot for drying a small set of items, but it doesn’t spin dry like the larger dryer it will come with. Instead, you’ll need to hang items flat and it runs air, heated or not, over the stinky shoes or delicate bras.

Both systems will appear in Samsung’s line of “smart” washers and dryers. So in addition to being able to do two loads at once you’ll also be able to receive updates on your laundry’s progress via your phone or even start the dryer remotely in case you need a toasty pair of pants to lure your out of bed in the morning.

Samsung hasn’t announced a date for availability of the FlexWash and FlexDry systems, but both can be expected in Samsung’s pricier washers and dryers later this year. [Samsung]