Samsung's Note 7 Explanation Will Be Livestreamed At Prime Time

By Holly Brockwell on at

Like the season finale of a TV drama, the final installation of the Galaxy Note 7 saga will be livestreamed in a prime time slot on Friday night. Airing at 8pm Eastern Time (that's 1am in the UK, 10am in Seoul) on Sunday 22nd January, the conclusion to Samsung's extensive investigation into its own failings will be transmitted in English at [SPOILER: The reason for the exploding phones is expected to be the battery.]

It's clear that Samsung are taking the high road with their approach to the catastrophe: many brands would have slipped the explanation into an obscurely-named press release in a tiny font on their Korean website on a big news day (Trump Day, for instance). The electronics giant has gone the other way entirely, aiming for an air of transparency, which can't hurt with the corruption allegations flying around.

We can't help but expect that the event will be at least part sales pitch, explaining all the awesome things Samsung is doing to make sure their next phone is not only not a 'sploder but also the best phone ever - and it'll have to be, because there's a lot of lost ground to be made up in terms of brand reputation. We have no confirmation of an S8 launch on the usual date at MWC (which is already earmarked by LG and Huawei) - maybe Samsung will surprise us all and pull it out of the bag live on camera. Now that would be explosive. [Slashgear]

Image: Anthony Antonellis