Samsung's #SeeColors App Helps Colourblind People Adjust Their TV Correctly

By Tom Pritchard on at

Being colourblind isn't the thing that would normally affect your day to day life, but when it comes to things like televisions and other display-based devices, they're not really going to get the full experience. Samsung is determined to help them out a bit, and released a new app called #SeeColors as a result.

The app first determines which type of colourblindness the user has, and how severe it is. With that information it's able to work with compatible smart TVs (i.e. those made by Samsung and running Tizen OS), and adjusts the picture to compensate for the visual impairment as best it can.

The app is currently only available in Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, with compatibility restricted to Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S7 range. THe company did announce, however, that all of the 2016 SUHD TVs will have the app installed, but since most people don't have that kind of money the app's usefulness will be limited for now.

While that's a bit of a bummer, it is good to see that technology is being utilised to make life (in this case television) more inclusive to people with disabilities. Hopefully the current release is part of a much wider rollout, and it'll hit the UK fairly soon. [Samsung via Slashgear]