Selfie Exhibition Examines History of Doing Things Right Yourself

By Gary Cutlack on at

People always used to shy away from the camera lens in the olden days, saying things like "Please, no, I'm hideous" and "Point that thing at me again and I'll kill you" -- until the ability to delete photos, repose, smile the way that hides your wonkiest teeth and try again was introduced by the digital era. Now everyone seems to be happy with their faces as long as they can spend half an hour getting it to look best. Hence an art exhibit looking at the history of the selfie.

From Selfie to Self-Expression runs at London's Saatchi Gallery for a couple of months from March, and wants to very seriously examine the "...role of the smartphone as an artistic medium for self-expression."

It's being partially organised by Huawei, which will no doubt be using it as a bit of an advert for its mobile phones and their front-facing cameras. The smartphone company's Glory Zhang said of the exhibition: "The smartphone has become a tool of artistic expression. The selfie generation is becoming the self expression generation as each of us seeks to explore and share our inner creativity through the one artistic tool to which we all have access: the Smartphone."

Except people aren't really doing it for art; they're doing it so they look good on sex chat apps. [PR Week]

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