Shell is Bringing Electric Chargers to UK Garages This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Petrol enthusiast Shell will soon start letting electric vehicle owners recharge at some of their UK service stations and forecourts, as it foresees a future in which more money is made from selling coffees to stressed dads while they endure a 30-minute charging break than from flogging boring old refined oil.

The news comes from Shell's business director John Abbott, who says that a selection of stations in in Britain and the Netherlands will start offering electric charging options this year. Abbott told the FT that the transition to electric is likely to take decades, so he sees it as something to exist alongside the ultra-rapid petrol delivery systems we're more used to rather that a rival or replacement.

He explained it's all about shifting crisps and Coke to travellers than making money off the electricity, telling the FT that: "We have a number of countries where we’re looking at having battery charging facilities. If you are sitting charging your vehicle, you will want to have a coffee or something to eat."

So while your car is going to 80 per cent in 30 minutes, there'll be retail opportunities galore. And probably toilets for 50p a time. [FT (paywall)]

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