Sky Announces Sky Q Without A Satellite Dish

By James O Malley on at

Enormous news this morning for the future of TV, as Sky has announced plans to make Sky Q, it's flagship 4K and HD subscription service, work over broadband rather than by requiring a satellite dish to be bolted to the side of your house.

The service, which is due to launch in 2018, could be a dramatic moment as it could conceivably mark the end of the need for Over-The-Air TV: If Sky is confident it can deliver a fully-fledged service to customers over the internet, why would it - or anyone else - need to bother with satellite dishes or aerials any more?

Unfortunately, other than the news that it will be happening, the company is remaining tight-lipped on the details. For example, here's five questions we're now asking, but which the company won't reveal the details on just yet:

  • Will the broadband Sky Q be exactly the same service as the satellite one in terms of channels available, on-demand offering and DVR functionality? (Will we be able to DVR an on-demand stream?)
  • Sky has confirmed to us that the new service will use a special Sky Q box, rather than simply exist as an app (a la Sky's stripped down Now TV offering) - but will it be the exact same box as satellite customers? Or will it work differently?
  • How will it be priced compared to the existing satellite service? Will it require long contracts or will be contract free?
  • What will happen to Now TV? Will the smaller service be replaced?
  • And finally... what will happen to the traditional satellite service? Will Sky be making everyone switch over? Will it be maintaining it and offering sign-ups to both? Or will it be finally ditching the dish?

No doubt we'll find out the answers to some of these questions over the next year. But perhaps in years to come, people could look back to today as the beginning of the end of traditional TV.