Everything You Need to Know About Sky Mobile

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sky has just announced that Sky Mobile is now open to everyone, and that means we can all get some of the most flexible features we've seen in the UK. It allows you to roll over unused data for free, switch between plans whenever you like and comes with a couple of perks for existing Sky customers.

A Little Background Info

Sky’s mobile plans have been common knowledge for some time, with the firm announcing a partnership with O2’s parent company Telefonica earlier this year. It’ll piggyback off O2’s infrastructure, making it the UK’s newest MVNO, and no doubt has its sights set firmly on arch-rival BT, which is now of course the proud owner of EE.


Sky is clearly hoping to lure in customers looking for increased flexibility, and a number of Sky Mobile’s features have bags of fresh appeal. These are:


Customers will be able to roll over any unused data from their plan into a virtual piggybank every month. For instance, if you don’t use 1GB of your 3GB data allowance in January, that’ll be added to your February allowance, leaving you with a total of 4GB. It's a fantastic feature, and we'd love it if other mobile networks followed.

There’s no limit to how much unused data you can stockpile, and you can share your hoard out with family members if you’re ever feeling particularly generous. However, you'll have three years to use your saved data from the date you first banked it.


With Mix, Sky lets you create your own plan (options in the Plans and Prices section below), which you can tweak each month. If you foolishly opt for the 1GB monthly plan and munch through that in a week, you can simply upgrade to a plan one tier up for the month. If you feel like you’re paying for stuff you don’t need, you can downgrade too.


Naturally, Sky Mobile also comes with a couple of extra benefits for existing Sky customers. These are:


Sky TV customers get free and unlimited UK calls and texts on each and every Sky Mobile data plan, which isn’t a bad sweetener. Sky+ customers will receive Sky Go Extra for free, which should result in a £60 annual saving.


Sync allows Sky+ customers who haven’t yet discovered the joys of Kodi to access TV recordings of "selected content" out and about on their phones. They’ll be able to stream these on a mobile connection or download them over Wi-Fi to watch later.

As Sky+ customers will be bumped up to Sky Go Extra, they’ll be able to use Sync on up to four different devices. Sky says this feature will be available for Sky+ customers at launch, with Sky Q set to receive the same treatment at some point in the future.

Plans and Prices

Unusually, considering Sky’s heavy focus on flexibility, Sky Mobile only offers three data plans and not one of them is unlimited. According to Sky Mobile's marketing director Andy Heatley, that’s because only 10% of mobile customers actually use up more than 5GB of data per month. Not this one. I like watching certain types of movies on the go. Instead, Sky Mobile offers:

  • 1GB data for £10 per month
  • 3GB data for £15 per month
  • 5GB of data for £20 per month

What's more, Sky says there are no limits on the amount of data you can tether -- up to the plan’s data allowance, of course.

If you’re an existing Sky TV customer, you can pair one of the above with free and unlimited UK calls and texts. For non-Sky TV customers, this costs an additional £10 a month, though you can instead opt for the Pay As You Use option, which offers 10p texts and 10p-a-minute calls.

12-month contracts are the name of the game, but you’re free to customise your mix of data and calls/texts each month.