Someone's Used Adblock On Piccadilly Circus

By Holly Brockwell on at

The famous headache-inducing ads bedecking London tourist hotspot Piccadilly Circus have been switched off today. Not because someone decided it'd be nice to put some art up instead, or because it seemed like an enormous waste of electricity, but rather because the current crop of 6 screens is being replaced by one massive one that someone got in the January sales at PC World (last part may not be true).

The BBC reports that it's "the first time since World War Two the lights have gone off, except for power cuts and special events." Advertising waits for no man.

At the moment, the ads are just enormous black screens, looking rather pleasingly like someone turned on Adblock in real life (one day, AR glasses, one day) but they'll soon be replaced by a big banner featuring - you guessed it - advertising.

Here's the big-switch off as it happened, courtesy of LBC:

You can even hear people doing a New Year's Eve-style countdown, although no one seems quite sure what to do at the end. "Three! Two! One! Happy... er... Blue Monday?"

We're mildly disappointed they didn't get a D-list celebrity in to flip the switch, like the Christmas lights in reverse. They didn't even ask us. Tut. [BBC, Evening Standard]

Photo: Evening Standard via Facebook Live