Spotify Pays 0.00429p Per Stream

By Gary Cutlack on at

Think you're doing a good thing for your favourite artist by legitimately and legally listening to their latest release through a streaming service? Chances are it's not going to be contributing much to their drug/art/car kitty, or even paying for a coffee bean, as new analysis of the payouts of the major streaming providers show that Spotify is paying out as little as 0.00429p per stream. That's way less than the cost of a peanut.

That's according to aggregate payment data assembled by rights awareness group The Trichordist, which used album data from a small label with around 150 albums on release to compile its averages. The numbers show that Spotify is paying around 16 per cent less to artists and labels now than it was when a similar study was run back in 2014, with Apple paying out nearly double that amount per play -- but with Spotify responsible for 63 per cent of the streams and Apple taking just 13 per cent, no one's going to get rich from an Apple Music streaming exclusive. If such things even exist.

Despite the fact that streaming's apparently the future of music, we're not even doing it properly -- YouTube was responsible for 21.7 per cent  of the label's streaming numbers, although the paltry payments it hands out meant it only generated 3.8 per cent of its total streaming revenue. [The Trichordist via MusicAlly]

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