Stoke up Resentment with Nationalist Emoji

By Gary Cutlack on at

Three new emoji are coming to the next update of the Unicode database, and it's either great news or terrible news depending on your opinions of people who hang flags out of their upstairs windows whenever there's an international football tournament polluting the atmosphere.

Individual flags for England, Wales and Scotland have been approved for inclusion as part of the Unicode emoji 5.0β release, which will make it much easier to accurately represent how sad/crying face you are about your team getting beaten (or failing to qualify, Scotland) for the next underwhelming World or European rich man haircut and suntan showcase.

The lack of an option for Northern Ireland is not a reflection on their national sporting prowess, but rather due to the fact that there's no one officially recognised individual flag for the country and flags over there are a bit of a hot potato anyway to say the least.

Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia and BBC Wales' Owen Williams were the two driving forces behind the introduction of the new options, seeing as they handled the submissions to the Unicode team. So blame them when every middle-aged racist fatso is tweeting about his generic national pride later this year. [Twitter]

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