Super-Flexible Sky Mobile is Now Open to Everyone

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sky Mobile is now available to everyone in the UK, following its November unveiling. It was initially only open to pre-registered consumers and existing Sky TV customers, but now anyone can take advantage of its excellent data rollover feature.

The network piggybacks off O2’s infrastructure, and prides itself on its flexibility. You can create your own plan and tweak it each month, depending on your usage. Sky Mobile offers:

  • 1GB data for £10 per month
  • 3GB data for £15 per month
  • 5GB of data for £20 per month

If you’re an existing Sky TV customer, you can pair one of the above with free and unlimited UK calls and texts. For non-Sky TV customers, this costs an additional £10 a month, though you can instead opt for the Pay As You Use option, which offers 10p texts and 10p-a-minute calls.

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