Super Mario Run's Android Release Date Finally Announced By Nintendo

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've been anxiously waiting for news on the Android version of Super Mario Run, there's finally some good news from Nintendo. While iOS users got the game all the way back in mid-December, Droid fans have a little longer to wait, but it is coming: in March 2017, apparently.

Nintendo didn't give an exact date in their tweet, but knowing how excitable Mario fans are, we're guessing they wouldn't say "March" unless they meant "early March." Because you just know there'll be people camped out on the Play Store at 00.01 on the 1st.

You don't need to, though: the Play Store is allowing people to "pre-register" for the game, which just means they'll send you a notification when it's available to download. Chances are you'll see all your mates tweeting about it before the ping even comes through, but it's a nice bit of security to have nonetheless. You can sign up for the notification here. [IB Times]