Teacher Abandons School 4G Network Block Idea

By Gary Cutlack on at

A headteacher at a school in North Yorkshire did a bit of reading up and thought she'd found a great way of ending social media bullying and the endless distraction of mobile phones on school time -- blocking the 4G network.

Julia Polley from Wensleydale School and Sixth Form College went so far as telling parents of her plan to block phone signals, which she said was easy enough to put in place by acquiring some hardware off the internet. And it is, although it's illegal to do so.

Polley was acting to stop a gang of year 11 girls from pestering each other and being generally abusive on social media when in lessons, which is a nice enough idea in concept. She told parents that: "I have now invested in some technology which will block 4G signals on the school site and I have improved the filters on the wifi to further restrict some sites."

Although since being told it's not a particularly good idea to block the networks by her bosses at the local council she's backtracked a little, now telling her local paper that she was only looking at the technology and hadn't actually bought it. [The Sun]