Tesco's £250 Contactless Payment App Goes Nationwide

By Gary Cutlack on at

After a period of testing in a limited number of shops, Tesco has launched its own PayQwiq contactless payment smartphone app across the entire country. And there's a good reason to bother with one of these things for once, as this one comes with a maximum payment limit of £250. That's enough for rich people with children to pay for their shopping with.

The system works with both Android and iOS smartphones, plus it integrates with the supermarket's Club Card account for racking up the points each time you buy a shameful basket full of comfort food and toilet paper for cleaning up the mess it makes on the way out. As a special reward for being one of the first to pioneer the system there's a launch window promotion offering 50 extra Clubcard points for each of your first ten purchases using the app, although if you're a hardcore Android user you're stuck -- the usual security worries mean it won't work on rooted phones.

You get the app, fill in your credit card data, then get to choose which one you want to use to pay at the checkout, and it works for paying with petrol too, if you've got a car or a lawnmower or just like the smell of it on your hands. [AOL]

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