The Adult Colouring Book Trend is Dead

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest set of financial data from high street retail bellwether WH Smith shows that we've all had it up to HERE with the ironic adult colouring books we've been getting for Christmas this last two or three years, with the shop saying sales of such titles have "fallen off a cliff." Unfortunately not accompanied by people who like and buy them.

WH Smith says it's seen a 60 - 70 per cent fall in sales within the adult colouring sector this last year, with the company's chief exec Stephen Clarke saying: "Last year was their first year really and people are no longer colouring in the way they were."

The bad news for the nation is what's replacing them. We're not all walking out with Penguin Classics or Carol Vorderman maths workbooks for the kids instead -- everyone's buying those sodding funny Ladybird book reimaginings, and other throwaway comedy tat like Five on Brexit Island and associated infantile stocking fillers.

But that's turned out for the best for the books chain, as it's recorded a like-for-like sales increase this year thanks in part to the popularity of the new spoof book trend. [Guardian]

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