The Best Fitness Trackers to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions

By Tom Pritchard on at

A brand new year is upon us, and with it comes everyone attempting their own personal New Year's resolutions. Lots of people tend to opt for the business of dieting or getting fit, and thankfully there is tech to help you out along the way. Particularly if physical fitness is your main end goal.

Here are a few options you should take a look at if you want some help keeping track of your progress.

Fitbit Charge 2, £110

Fitbit's latest and best fitness tracker, complete with all the usual features, step tracking, calorie counting, a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, automatic exercise recognition, and the ability to pull GPS data from your phone. It shows the data on an OLED display that shows the date, time, and notifications, with enough juice to last for five days. [Buy it here]

Fitbit Blaze, £128

There's not much that this offers that the Charge 2 doesn't, but if you want more of a smartwatch experience then the Blaze is the way to go. It has all the usual caveats, plus built-in bodyweight exercise regimes, music control, extra notification alerts, and the same five-day battery life. [Buy it here]

Misfit Shine 2, £50

A fairly minimalist tracker that functions also functions as a watch and lasts four months without running out of power. Making it perfect for people who don't want to have to deal with charging their gadgets up every few days. It measures steps, distance, calories, and is also water resistant up to 50 metres. [Buy it here]

Moov Now, from £50

Would you rather have a fitness device that's more actively involved in helping you make progress? Check out the Moov Now. Not only does it monitor your activity, the Moov Now also happens to be a dedicated fitness coach that talks through your workouts in real time. It's also waterproof, has a six month battery life, and tracks your activity and sleep like any other tracker. [Buy it here]

Jawbone UP3, £55

Jawbone describes the UP3 as the "world's most advanced activity tracker." It's debatable whether that's true, but it does have some great features. It's got more in depth sleep-tracking features that others, recognising when you fall asleep and what stage of the sleep cycle you're in. The UP3 is also able to learn and recognise your workouts for easier tracking, and includes personalised fitness and nutritional information to make achieving your goals that bit easier. [Buy it here]

Fitbit Zip, £40

Fitbit's budget offering looks like a plain old pedometer, but there's a bit more to it than that. The main feature is step counting which gets displayed on the front of the device, but it's also capable of tracking distance and calories like any good fitness tracker. [Buy it here]

Misfit Ray, £80

A slightly more stylish version of the Misfit Shine 2, this device can do all the things you'd want from a fitness tracker plus more. It tracks sleep, exercise, steps, and all that, with a six month battery life and enough waterproofing to make it suitable for swimmers. On top of that the Ray also has a customisable button you can link to your smart home, along with vibration alerts for your phone's notifications. [Buy it here]

Xiaomi Miband 2, £34

A budget tracker, that doesn't scrimp on the features. It still has a heart rate monitor, and all the typical exercise tracking features, plus more. It has smartphone notifications, an OLED display with three different screens you can scroll through, and sleep tracking. Not too dissimilar from other trackers, but for a fraction of the price. [Buy it here]

UA Band, £149

The tracker from Under Armor and HTC, this is a pricey option but it does have all you need out of a fitness tracker. It tracks exercise, steps, sleep, and all of those things, has an always on touchscreen, tracks heart rate, a five day battery life, and offers a fairly minimalistic design. It's showerproof (but not fully waterproof), and has a five day battery. So all-in-all, not a bad bit of kit. [Buy it here]