The Grand Tour Episode 10 Preview - Nashville, Barbados and An Ominous Warning

By James O Malley on at

The 10th episode of The Grand Tour looks set to be a particularly interesting one, as it will be the first episode of the show that has had its tent segments shot after the series started broadcasting.

This Nashville episode was shot on the 21st November - three days after the premiere on November 18th. So the production team could conceivably have made changes in response to audience feedback - the first time that they have been able to do so. Our guess though is that business will remain largely as usual - not least because the first episode was widely praised, and it wasn't until the dire second episode that critical opinion began to turn.

So what's actually going to be happening this week? According to Amazon's publicity material the presenters will travel to Barbados, where they will attempt to "save the world's coral reefs", by seeding a new reef using the scrap-metal shells of some cars as the foundation. "Their efforts start badly and then get worse,
involving inept crane driving, useless boat steering, and an embarrassing moment with a local hotel", Amazon warns.

Slightly ominously, Jeremy Clarkson himself has already warned that this film is perhaps most reminiscent of the awful Jordan military training film from Episode 2. According to Motoring Box, he described what we can expect on DriveTribe:

"Show two of the Grand Tour is very car light, and that happens again in the Barbados film later in the series. We do this on purpose to entertain the countless people who invariably say, when I sit next to them at a party, ‘I like your show but why do you put cars on it?’"


The good news is that however that turns out, there will be some cars as Clarkson will be putting the 500 horsepower Giulia Quadrifoglio through its paces on the track.

The episode hits Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.