The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to a brand new year, with brand new apps for you to enjoy. The new year doesn't always come with some incredibly new releases, but there are plenty of interesting bits and bobs for you to download and take advantage of. Here's your lot for this week.

Airmail (Update)

£3.99: iOS

Airmail is one of the better iOS mail clients out there, and it's just had quite a hefty update. It's already incredibly customisable, and now you can add custom actions to your email habits. This means you can link together different features the app has to offer, and end up with something you couldn't find elsewhere. The update also adds integration with the Workflow automation app, which lets you save time here and there by automating the stuff you'd regularly do manually.


Free: Windows

Lots of people have some sort of collection, and keeping track of everything can be a bit of a pain. There are plenty of specific collection tracking apps out there (for comics, cards, etc), but Collecto lets you keep tabs on any collection you might have - regardless of what it actually is. With built-in tracking and organisation systems, it's never been easier to be organised.

Cover (Update)

Free: Windows

Comics are great, but reading them digitally is so much handier than flicking through the real thing. The problem is that they aren't always easily available in traditional formats, so you're going to need a dedicated comic reader that can handle CBR or CBZ files (and more). Cover is one such app, and it's just been updated with some helpful new features. It now has keyboard shortcuts, notification shortcuts, and smart naming features to keep everything organised.

Duolingo (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

Duolingo is one of the more popular and universal language apps out there, and now the latest update makes it a much more social experience. The new clubs feature lets you pair off with friends, and compete to see which person can make the most progress each week. Because competition is probably the motivation some of you will need to actually learn a new tongue.

I Did it Fitness Centre 

Free: Android

Exercising and keeping fit is much easier when you have your routine sorted, and this one is designed to help with that. It takes advantage of what are known as 'fitness triggers' that encourage you to do a short exercise whenever you complete a certain task - which has the added effect of making the most out of your time. You get a random workout whenever you activate a trigger, and every bit of exercise adds up over time.


Free: Android

Kids these days don't know they're born, playing with their phones all the time rather than socialising or doing something useful like watch television. SaveMyTime is designed to stop that from happening, tracking how much time you spend on your phone with a simple question. Whenever you pick up your phone, the lock screen gets replaced and asks you how long it's been since you last used your phone. On top of that it asks you what you've been doing in the meantime. So it's not really tracking how often you use your phone, but rather how often you're not.


Free: Android | iOS

This one is designed for regular people to do their part fighting human trafficking, in a small but meaningful way. Essentially it's a photography app that encourages you to take pictures of any hotel rooms you stay in, so they can build a database and match rooms to online adverts that trafficking victims have been forced to pose for. It's not much, but it's another clue prosecutors can use in bringing human traffickers to justice.