There is Now a Wearable For Babies Before They Are Born

By Christina Warren on at

There are literally wearables for everyone, even people who haven’t technically been born. A startup called Bloomlife is at CES with what it says is the first pregnancy wearable.

The wearable is intended to be worn by women in the third trimester of their pregnancy and it monitors contractions. The doodad then stores the data in an app for iOS or Android that is easy to monitor. The idea is that it can offer the user feedback on how often contractions are happening and how many minutes apart they are, so that expectant mothers and their partners can make better informed decisions about whether labour is starting or if it’s just a false alarm. In an age where we obsessively track everything, this feels utterly inevitable. And for worried parents, it could be a smart idea.

The wearable attaches to the baby bump and then uses electrical sensors to pick up contractions from the uterine muscle. When you’re having a contraction, it’ll capture the length of time and also chart the frequency in an app for iOS or Android. The idea is that

Bloomlife seems to understand that this isn’t the sort of thing you buy for longterm use, so it’s leasing the device. A one month lease is $150/£123 and two and three month leases are $250/£204 and $300/£245 respectively. You can pre-order the device now and it’ll be available to ship within the next few months.

Right now, the wearable isn’t an official medical device—it’s supposed to be used as a second opinion and for “peace of mind.” Bloomlife hopes to get regulator approval in the future so it can do other types of monitoring and maybe even detect problems in a pregnancy. The battery on the device lasts about a week and the reusable strip can be worn for a week as well.

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