There's A Memorial At London Bridge Station To Southern Rail

By Holly Brockwell on at

Sadly, it's not unusual to see a new makeshift memorial spring up in London: cellotaphs, as they're known, formed of piles of flowers and rain-soaked notes on the site of an accident or crime. But people who've been stopping to see what happened at the new one on Tooley Street by London Bridge station might be surprised to find that it's not for a person, but a train company - specifically, crisis-hit Southern Rail.

The memorial's been there for a couple of days now, but Londoner MinnieMoomin posted it to Reddit with an explanation - and surprised some locals who assumed it was something much sadder. While the decline of our railways into national chaos is certainly depressing, it's not quite on par with the events that usually lead to street tributes.

Notes at the site include "Here lies my patience, sanity and home life, killed by Southern Rail" and "In loving memory of the 07.55 from Hackbridge to London Bridge, missing, presumed dead." While it's certainly an eye-catching and attention-grabbing way of raising an important issue, it seems more than a little tasteless to go about it this way, especially as there are frequent fatalities on London's train lines. If you left flowers on the roadside for your lost loved one, you wouldn't want people walking past and rolling their eyes because they assume it's a publicity stunt, right?

Whether you find it funny or not, the display probably won't be around for long - even legitimate memorials are often cleared away by workers or just the rain. That's more likely to happen before any kind of rail reform, sadly. [Reddit]

Photo: MinnieMoomin via r/London