This Website Lists All The Patents Expiring Today So You Can Exploit The Heck Out Of Them

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've always fancied yourself a bit of a Thomas Edison but can't seem to hit on, you know, an actual idea, this website might be your saviour. ExPatents (with the hilariously easy-to-misread URL gives you a list of the US patents that expire today, to inspire you to come up with new ways to make use of them.

As the site's creator puts it, "the majority of patents are never commercially exploited or licensed" - despite all the effort put into applying, paying for and being granted the patent. It seems a shame to put all that ingenuity to waste, especially when one man's Amazon Fire Phone could be another man's - nah, there's no saving that one.

It's worth noting that there are some major caveats to using the site. For instance, they're US patents, which means the same idea might be very much protected elsewhere. Plus the expiry dates aren't guaranteed to be accurate, and the same patent might have since been extended or improved upon. Plus, of course, some patents expire because they were just plain unworkable. So do your research before you go developing radioactive breakfast cereal, or whatever - but if you manage to turn one of the expired patents into megabucks, we'll settle for 10% of the takings as a finder's fee. You're welcome. [Reddit]

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