Tidal Lagoon Sea Power Plans Should go Ahead Says Report

By Gary Cutlack on at

A review into the long-mooted possibility of concreting up parts of estuaries to create massive tidal energy generation schemes says it should go ahead, which is great news for fans of a planned project to build a lagoon spanning the Severn estuary.

The positive words about the renewable source of power come from former energy minister Charles Hendry, who has compiled an independent report on tidal lagoon power for the government. And he says we, as a nation, should be well up for it, particularly as the Swansea Bay scheme operators now say it can be paid for at the same level of subsidy as currently paid out to nuclear, but with less chance of melting a hole through the earth's crust.

Hendry spoke to the BBC ahead of the publication of his report and spoiled it all by giving his positive conclusions away, saying: "We know it absolutely works. One of the great advantages is it is completely predictable for all time to come. We know exactly when the spring tides and neap tides are going to be every single day for the rest of time and so, in terms of meeting security of supply, lagoons can play an important role."

The headline figures for the Severn estuary scheme are the same as when it was announced -- a 120-year lifespan and output to provide power for 155,000 homes. [Guardian]

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