Top Speeding Fines To Rise To 150% Of Your Week's Wages

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Sentencing Council has announced a series of changes to penalties in the UK, including a hike in the highest fines for speeding.

The BBC reports that at the moment, the maximum you can be charged for speeding is 100% of your week's earnings, with a cap of £1000 on roads and £2500 on motorways. But while the cash limits will stay the same when the new rules come into force on the 24th of April, the percentage has gone up - so magistrates can now fine you 1.5 times your week's wages as long as the total is below those caps.

For example, if you earn £600 a week, the most you can currently be fined for speeding on a normal road is £600. Commit the same offence after the 24th of April, and it'll be £900, plus the usual temporary disqualification or points on your licence. This only applies to the most serious instances of speeding, though - driving at 41mph+ in a 20 mile an hour zone, for example. There's a full list of the rules here.

New guidelines were also announced for other offences including animal cruelty and driving without insurance. In the former case, "the use of technology to publicise or promote cruelty" is now an aggravating factor - meaning offenders will receive a harsher punishment for livestreaming the act, for instance. We'd rather those people were pushed down a volcano, but this will do for a start. [BBC]

Photo: Pexels