Trident Managers Set for Two 48-Hour Strikes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Workers at the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment have voted to take two 48-hour strikes, as disagreements about the usual stuff like boring old pension provisions rumble on. It's only mildly worrying that these are the people who polish and check the fuses on the UK's Trident nuclear defence system.

We should still be able to rustle up a retaliatory strike if necessary, though, as the action only involves the 600 workers who are members of the Unite union -- AWE employs a total of around 9,000 staff and contractors across its UK operations -- so presumably someone will still be there to press various red buttons should WWIII kick off.

Unite explained the grievance with: "Unite members feel 'deeply betrayed' as promises made a quarter of a century ago guaranteeing their pensions, when they were transferred from the Ministry of Defence to the private sector, have been broken."

They'd like the MoD to take control of the pensions back, reinstating the final pension guarantee that's about to be dropped by the current administrators. And it's probably best not to escalate things with people who have nukes. [Reuters]

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