Uber Says a Government Subsidy Would be Nice

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uber has at last hit upon a way of maybe becoming profitable at some point in the future -- government subsidies.

The minicab business submitted the amazing idea to a government transport committee, one that was set up to ask for ideas as to how the problem of urban congestion might be solved. To which Uber's baffling answer was MORE CARS PAID FOR BY YOU.

The idea is to encourage the use of public transport by providing cheaper taxis home from stations, so people might consider hauling their shopping home by train if the awkward bit from station to house was more affordable to cover in a privately hired car.

Uber's submission says the idea that it's only cars that cause congestion is wrong anyway, and that its research shows that a "combination of planned roadworks and a rise in delivery journeys" are snarling up the country, and that giving it a subsidy to run people about might therefore not lead to more cars being everywhere thanks to putting some people off the idea of car ownership altogether.

It's a good effort, but could well trigger a civil war in the UK were it to ever become reality. [Transport Committee via Business Insider]

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