UberEATS Now Brings Posh Bread to Londoners for Breakfast

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UberEATS spinoff that brings food to people with high disposable incomes in a few cities around the world has a new thing for London -- breakfast. Breakfast is a new meal designed by scientists to stop you being so hungry at lunchtime, they say, and could be the next revolution in eating.

Launching this week across zones 1 and 2 of London, the mostly bread-based breakfast suppliers include Coco di Mama, Bagel Factory and Crepeaffaire, who will be open for business and only too happy to drop off a box load of chocolate bread at your office for that 7:00am carbohydrate and sugar hit you need after reading the overnight headlines from America.

UberEATS manager Toussaint Wattinne said while eating a £4.50 croissant he had a man post through her letterbox: "We are incredibly excited to announce breakfast on the UberEATS app across London. Since UberEATS launched last summer we have seen Londoners ordering a range of lunch and dinner options straight to their door at the tap of a button." [TechCrunch]

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