Ubisoft Has Produced a Feature Length Documentary About Cocaine

By James O Malley on at

Live action trailers are an increasingly common part of the modern triple-A game launch. But now Ubisoft has taken it to the next level, and has produced an entire feature length documentary to tie in with the launch of Ghost Recon Wildlands in March.

The game is an open-world military shooter, set in Bolivia. You play an army unit tasked with disrupting the drugs trade - and if the documentary is anything to go by, doesn't appear to be a million miles away from real events. And here's the crazy thing: It actually looks interesting in its own right, rather than simply as a spin-off.

The film, Wildlands will hit on the 6th March, the day before the game. Narrated by Rusty Young, author of best-seller, Marching Powder, it features interviews with people on both sides of the drugs war - from the coco farmers and kingpins on one side, to the Special Forces soldiers on the other.

It looks to us like it'd be a nice companion to the Netflix series Narcos, which is set in Colombia and is similarly afflicted by drugs.