UK Train Prices Top EU Cost League By Some Distance

By Gary Cutlack on at

In news that won't come as a surprise to anyone who's left the house since the 1970s, they've worked out that UK train prices are the most expensive in Europe -- with some countries paying as little as one fifth of the cost we pay to travel a mile.

The numbers have been worked out by Voucher Cloud, which has created telling graphs like this to hammer home how much of a rip-off our railways can be if you don't book several decades in advance:


That's the average per-mile cost of travel, showing that the UK pays around 20 per cent more than the next most expensive country, and a vast lump more than huge swathes of Eastern Europe. Even notoriously expensive countries like Sweden and Switzerland pay around half as much as we do to travel by train, with the EU average sitting at justĀ 22p per mile -- way less than half the UK cost.

The good news is that this is for one-way trips only. If you include returns, where our rail companies often dish out tickets for pennies seeing as they've already got you one way, the UK falls to 7th in the cost charts. [Voucher Cloud]

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