Vicar Arrested for Trying to Disarm Warplanes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reverend Dan Woodhouse has been caught doing something naughty, and it doesn't involve collection boxes or choir boys -- he's been aiming big. He tried to break into an arms manufacturer and disarm a few warplanes to make the world marginally safer.

Woodhouse and friend Sam Walton were caught entering the BAE Systems facility in Warton. The idea behind the scheme was to send malfunctioning jets off to Saudi Arabia, in the belief that disarmed or damaged planes would delay or lessen the impact of bombing runs on Yemen, with Woodhouse explaining: "Stopping or even delaying Saudi Arabia having more planes with which to bomb Yemen would save innocent lives and prevent war crimes."

Lancashire police have arrested them on suspicion of causing criminal damage and BAE is helping to determine what, if any, damage was actually caused to the planes. Maybe they just keyed a slogan into the paintwork. [BBC]

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