Video Game Speedrunning Marathon Raises Record-Breaking Charity Donation

By Gizmodo UK on at

Over the past week (8-15 January) Awesome Games Done Quick has been running on Twitch.

AGDQ is a marathon in which players attempt to speedrun games - to complete them in much less time than a proper playthrough would take, with record runs that usually come under two hours, and for some games, mere minutes. Usually, these speedruns make use of glitches, secret options that are left in for the game's developers to test the games, and other exploits that make the game easier or faster.

The reason behind AGDQ is charity - the week-long livestream raises money alongside entertaining and informing its viewers about speedrunning. This year, they were fundraising for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and they've now finished on a record-breaking $2.2 million (£1.8 million).

#AGDQ was amazing—2.2 million dollars were raised for charity. Here's to #SGDQ 2017!

— Zelda Informer (@ZeldaInformer) January 15, 2017

The donation page is still open, if you want to help bump that number up even higher, and the recorded stream is available to watch on the AGDQ YouTube.