Wales Moves Towards Total Ban on Smacking

By Gary Cutlack on at

The children's commissioner for Wales has come out strongly against the smacking of children, as you might expect, even though changing the Wi-Fi password and putting the biscuits out of view are by far the more damaging and hurtful forms of punishment in use today.

Sally Holland is calling for an outright legal ban on the smacking of children in Wales, a ban that has a good chance of making it into the law books thanks to Welsh devolution about to hand the country's parliament the necessary powers in the Wales Bill. Should the Bill make it through approvals this week, the assembly would be able to push a ban through, should it gather enough support from all parties.

Holland told the BBC: "Most of us of a certain generation, including myself, were smacked as children. What I would say is it just doesn't have a place in modern civilised society. And I see this really as a human rights issue, because all we are trying to do is give children the same rights against being hit as adults have." [BBC]

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