War on Toast Launched as Part of Anti-Cancer Push

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have had another go at spinning the Wheel of Cancer, and this time it's landed on such British staples as burnt toast and roast potatoes that have been left in the oven for a bit too long. If lying in bed looking at a mobile phone is next we literally won't be able to have any fun any more.

The latest health scare involves the substance acrylamide. It's thought to be carcinogenic, and the bad news for students the land over is that it's created when starchy foods are burned, hence new advice from from the Food Standards Agency that you might want to dial your toaster down a notch when cooking today's breakfast, lunch and dinner.

More adventurous cooks are also being warned that acrylamide can form when potatoes are roasted to near-blackness, plus less thrilling developments in the War on Unnecessarily Keeping Things in the Fridge says storing potatoes in the white cold cupboard boosts their acrylamide  levels -- so don't do that either.

Launching a campaign with a celebrity athlete is what the FSA is doing about it, with its director Steve Wearne saying: "Although there is more to know about the true extent of the acrylamide risk, there is an important job for Government, industry and others to do to help reduce acrylamide intake. This campaign is part of the FSA's wider work to reduce the level of acrylamide that people consume." [FSA]

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