Who's Never Owned an iPhone?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apparently it's been ten years since a group of people bought an expensive brand of telephone and then continued to buy a new one every year whether they needed it or not. Happy birthday, iPhone. I've only touched you three times.

I clearly remember touching an iPhone for the first time, though, which I suppose says something about the magnetism of the hardware, as I certainly don't remember touching my Nokia 6600 for the first time. It was ten years ago, when the iPhone first came out. A lady in the office had one and I touched it for a bit. I don't know why she let me. They don't usually.

It was connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and showing a map and I was amazed, because I still had a Nokia and it had never occurred to me that mobile phones on Wi-Fi might be a thing. It was nice, but I gave it back to its owner after about one minute because I didn't want her to think I was being creepy around her personal stuff.

That was the end of it for me (I never liked Apple because of some bad experiences in the workplace with terrible Macs in the late 1990s) until the iPhone 4 came out. It's a bit hazy, but I think I was doing a feature on outdoors equipment, and someone suggested using GPS apps on an iPhone. So they had to send me an iPhone, which was quite embarrassing, as by then everyone seemed to own iPhones, especially people in the "tech" world.

So I used it for a couple of days without really understanding how most of it worked, but quite enjoying the fact that the redesign of the 4 was rather stylish -- although the metallic buttons had quite sharp edges to them and I remember thinking, if I was reviewing it, I'd mark it down for having sharp-cornered buttons. But I wasn't. I sent it back. By then I was probably on the HTC Magic.

So that's me and iPhones. Turns out I've only used one twice, not three times. Can anyone be less bothered about Apple's ten-year phenomenon than that?