Woman Buys Used iPhone Packed With Celebrity Phone Numbers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Imagine you had the phone number of Nick Grimshaw at your fingertips. What would you do? Phone him to call him an idiot? Send him an abusive SMS from a burner? Delete it out of embarrassment? That's the quandary that faced Sophie Highfield, the buyer of a used iPhone that hadn't been fully erased and came with the phone numbers of a series of UK celebrities inside.

People like David Walliams, who you could text to ask for an explanation of some of the jokes in his recent BBC series. And people like Gok Wan, who you could send a photo of you genitals to and ask if there's any way you could style your pubes to make it all look bigger. Emma Bunton, Denise Welch and Nicholas Lyndhurst were also listed in the niche UK celebrity phone number database.

Sophie told the Express: "The phone was supposed to be brand new and completely untouched. I've got no idea how it has happened. I seem to have access to literally hundreds of people's numbers. I didn't notice it at first because the contacts aren't in my address book but when I go into messages to send a text and type in the letter 'A', it comes up with 'A' for Adele."

Numbers for "Kieran Window Cleaner" and "Suzie next door" might help detectives track down the device's original owner. [Express]