Your Accent Might be Costing You £7k a Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research into the UK's workplaces and payment structures suggests people from poorer regions end up earning less than their posh counterparts, with payment for doing the same job differing by as much as £6,800 -- with employees from poorer backgrounds the ones earning less.

This comes from the government's Social Mobility Commission, which says people from "working class backgrounds" who end up  wiping the coal dust off their faces and entering professional careers can be paid around 17 per cent less than people from more "privileged" backgrounds doing the same job.

The stats were compiled by the London School of Economics and University College London, who looked at socio-economic data generated by surveys of 90,000 workers. As well as the pay disparity there's a big advantage for those with comfortable backgrounds in the traditional professions of medicine, law and teaching, with 73 per cent of doctors coming from careerist families and just 6 per cent coming up from the working class.

Social Mobility Commission chair Alan Milburn said: "This unprecedented research provides powerful new evidence that Britain remains a deeply elitist society. Too many people from working class backgrounds not only face barriers getting into the professions, but also barriers to getting on. It cannot be right that they face an annual class pay gap of £6,800." [GOV]

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