Zordon Will Continue to Look Like a Floating Head In the Power Rangers Movie

By James Whitbrook on at

Our first, very blurry look at Bryan Cranston’s Zordon—holy shit, remember that Bryan Cranston is Zordon in this movie?—comes courtesy of what is apparently a Power Rangers VR experience being shown at Qualcomm’s booth at CES. The image, via Reddit, is doubled up and you can barely see Zordon’s face on the screen, but it’s there:

Sure he’s floating on a screen rather than a big tube. But given the Power Rangers movie’s penchant for updating designs to make them look absolutely nothing like their original forms, I’m honestly kind of surprised Zordon isn’t a giant floating holo-head attached to a 70 foot Godzilla monster or something.

Power Rangers is set to hit cinemas on March 24th.