24 Legacy: Will Eric Carter's Galaxy S7 Edge Really Last All Day?

By James O Malley on at

Last night saw the premiere of 24: Legacy, a new 12-part spin-off of the real time terrorist fightin' soap opera. This time, Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer is nowhere to be seen, and the lead role has instead gone to Corey Hawkins' as Eric Carter, an ex-army ranger who is being hunted by terrorists now back home in the United States.

The first episode was as exciting, ludicrous and bombastic as long time viewers of the franchise have come to expect - and like previous series it featured a heavy dose of product placement, in this case provided by Samsung.

And this made us wonder: Given the show's heavy use of mobile phones... will Eric Carter's phone actually last him the whole 24 hours?

What Sort of Phone Does Eric Carter Use?

Strangely, in the world of 24 it appears that almost everyone uses the same model of phone: A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Whether they're Carter himself, the former head of CTU, a Senator running for President, or even the terrorists themselves. Here's a close-up of the phone:

The only exception is Carter's former colleague, Ben Grimes, who is living off the grid - he instead makes use of a burner phone. Which appears to us to be a - you guessed it - Samsung S275.

Even junkies living off the grid are on-brand.

Will Eric Carter's Phone Last All Day?

The good news is that despite having just got back from a shift at work, as the screenshot above reveals, Eric's phone is on 98% charge when he checks it at the start of the episode. Perhaps he charged it up in his car on the way home?

Now - will it last the full 24 hours? And this is where it gets tricky. There isn't actually one version of the S7 Edge. Depending on what part of the world you're in, the chipset inside could vary - which affects battery life. If we make the assumption that he's using a US model, as after all, he lives in Virginia, he's probably got an S7 Edge which has a Snapdragon 820 inside it.

The terrorists love their Samsung Galaxy phones too.

According to GSM Arena's testing, the phone isn't too bad - as it gives it a "3G talk time" rating of 22 hours on a single charge. Not quite enough for the full day, but getting there. However, if Carter wants to browse the web, or perhaps, say, view secret data files stored on an external USB drive, as seen in the first episode, it could cut it down to as little as 10 hours and 35 minutes.

"I'm not ignoring you, I'm just checking that I've got power saving mode enabled."

PhoneArena's tests put the S7 Edge through a slightly different test. It measured battery life by making the phone run a "custom web script" that apparently simulates "normal" power usage - so imagine a day in which a user might make a few calls, watch a quick video and browse social media and so on. Of course, Eric Carter is about to have anything but a normal day - but despite the occasional gunfight or torture scene, he's going to use his phone fairly heavily. So this seems like a fair comparison.

This script test results in a battery life of just 7 hours and 18 minutes - meaning the phone is less enduring than the iPhone 7 (7h46m), as well as comparable phablets, which can pack in a larger battery due to their larger size. Oh dear.

Based on this same metric, the best phone to get would actually be the now defunct Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which will last 9 hours and 49 minutes. Though we guess that Carter and the CTU team probably already have enough problems with explosive devices for one day.

So will his phone last the whole series? Er, probably not. The good news though is that as this series will only comprise of 12 episodes, the show will be making some time leaps between episodes. Let's hope that Eric remembers to plug his phone in during the breaks, or it could make stopping the terrorists all the more difficult.

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