All the Best Bat Merch for Lego Batman Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the day that The Lego Batman Movie hits cinema screens across the world, provided you ignore the fact you could go and see it last weekend. It's the first in what seems to be a number of Lego Movie spin-offs, focussing on a lovably egotistical version of The Dark Knight.

Whether you've seen it yet or not, it's always great to get into the swing of things. So, without further adieu, here are all the best bits of Lego-specific Bat Merch you can buy.

The Lego Movie, from £4.53

This iteration of Lego Batman isn’t brand spanking new, and he did have a fairly large role to play in 2014’s The Lego Movie. You don’t have to see it to enjoy the new blockbrickster, but it’s never a bad idea to sit down and watch a great film. Morgan Freeman is in it, so you know it must be good. [Buy it here]

The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack, from £8

There may not be anything that beats Everything is Awesome in this film’s score, but there are still some great tracks for you to enjoy. We’ve covered some of them already, in case you need a taster. The contents should easily make your trip to work a lot more enjoyable. [Buy it here]

The Batmobile, £50

No Batman is complete without a Batmobile, and this Batmobile (aka The Speedwagon) is unlike anything we’ve seen in past films. It’s a weird amalgamation of a hot rod and a monster truck, but with a bat motif and no seatbelts. It comes with Batman, Robin, a dynamite-wielding Man Bat, and the Kabuki Twins for you to play with/put on display. [Buy it here]

The Scuttler, £71.54

Unlike some of Batman’s other vehicles, the Scuttler really fits into the bat-motif. It’s essentially a giant mechanical bat with Batman in the pilot’s seat. It has extendable front arms for crawling around, adjustable bat ears, but sadly no wings. Still, it’s the most batty Batman vehicle ever, and it shouldn’t not be in your hands. This comes with Batman, Dick Grayson, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, The Joker, and Poison Ivy. [Buy it here]

The Batcave, £91.01

The most recognisable of any of Batman’s haunts, the place where he keeps all his things and does all his super-important bat-detective work. There’s the bat-computer, the bat-boat, a rotating rack for all his different bat outfits (three are included), as well as a prison cell to keep enemies. This set also comes with Batman, Alfred, The Penguin, the Penguin's jetpack penguin minions, and duck-shaped attack boat. [Buy it here]

Joker Balloon Escape, £11.39

Lego can be pricey, and Lego Batman is no exception. If you want something a little bit cheaper, this is a nice little set for you. It comes with the Joker, Batman and his grapple gun, a balloon-powered jetpack, and a cartoonish bomb. [Buy it here]

Lego Minifigures, £2.99 each

The minifigure collections are a nice little way to expand your Lego collection, and the latest series includes major and minor characters featured in The Lego Batman Movie. They’re blind-bagged, which is a shame, but they do look quite cool. There are 20 to collect. [Buy it here]

Lego Dimensions

With the exception of brands like Star Wars and Marvel, Lego Dimensions has negated the need for a string of stand-alone Lego games. You just need an expansion pack with a bunch of levels, and you’re sorted. The Lego Batman movie is no exception, letting you play through the whole film with whichever Dimensions character you have. The pack comes with a new design for the portal, a miniature Batwing vehicle, Batgirl, and Robin. No Will Arnett Batman, however, so you’re stuck with the normal default figure. There’s also a figure pack with Excalibur Batman and the Bionic Steed. [Buy Lego Dimensions here | Buy the Lego Batman Story pack here | Buy the Excalibur Fun Pack here]

Lego Batman Games

If Lego Dimensions' toys-to-life tactic isn't working on you, you can always go for the more traditional Lego games. The Lego Batman trilogy features a more straight-laced version of the Dark Knight, but this being a Lego game there's plenty of williness to go around. Plus, with three games, it's bound to keep you (or your kids) busy for a good long while. [Buy Lego Batman Here | Buy Lego Batman 2 Here | Buy Lego Batman 3 Here]

Lego DC Superheroes Boxset, £58

There have been plenty of Lego films dealing with Batman and the Justice League, even though they skipped the cinema screens and went straight to DVD. There are quite a few of them out there, and thankfully you can get them all in one single boxset that comes with its own mini Lego playset. [Buy it here]

Batman's Guide to Being Cool, £5

Do you have what it takes to be as cool as Batman? No! Because nobody can be that cool, but you can try to come close. This book has everything you need to learn how to be (nearly) as cool as the Dark Knight, but it’s not clear whether it has instructions on earning yourself some sweet abs. [Buy it here]

Lego Tumbler, £268

For some people, this is the only Batmobile that matters. Those people are fools, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Tumbler was a mighty machine. If the Speedwagon isn’t the Batmobile for you, maybe this is. It’s more intricate, and therefore more expensive, but it’s also bigger and would look much nicer on your mantelpiece. [Buy it here]