Don't Worry, Alexa Will Be Your Valentine

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's almost Valentine's Day, but if you're feeling anxious that you won't find love by the 14th, fear not: Alexa will be your Valentine.

Love-related commands that work for Amazon's virtual assistant include:

- Alexa, will you be my Valentine?

- Alexa, will you marry me?

- Alexa, who is your Valentine? (although if she agreed to be your Valentine before you ask this, the answer doesn't change to reflect that. Sob.)

- Alexa, who do you love?

If you've changed your Alexa wake word to Computer, though, these all sound a bit pathetic. "Computer, will you marry me?" - yikes.

For Valentine's Day 2017, Amazon has added free audiobooks of Pride & Prejudice, read by Rosamund Pike, and Jane Eyre, read by Thandie Newton. The audiobooks are read via Audible, but you don't need a subscription - all Echo customers can ask:

- Alexa, read Jane Eyre from Audible

- Alexa, read Pride and Prejudice from Audible

Plus if you have a trial or subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, you can enjoy your choice of either a romantic Valentine's playlist or an emo tracklisting of brokenhearted woe:

- Alexa, play the Love Me playlist

- Alexa, play the Love Me Not playlist

Having just asked a computer to be our Valentine, we're going for the second one while we reconsider our life choices.